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Discover Our N.1 Phone Mount

Practical Phone Mount

  • Attend calls easily

  • Music access

  • Use the GPS

Hands Free!

How often do you use your phone while driving?

Not only does it call and text people, but it can serve as navigation and entertainment. However, your safety comes first. In order to assure a safe use of your smartphone , we went an extra mile to find the best mount to keep your phone in view effortlessly when needed.

While driving your car, there are times when you need to answer an important call, or use the map with GPS to find your destination if you are lost or not sure where you are going. With the driving wheel in hand, it is too dangerous to attempt picking up the cell phone with your hand. So, what do you do to ensure you are driving safe while doing all that?

This is where a mount comes in handy! It holds the phone in a fixed center position, which makes it easy for you to operate it. Use it with your Voice recognition, receive calls, talk with the person on the other end and navigate without even taking off your hands from the wheel or your eyes from the road!

The Spring Mount

PRICE: $15

Discover One of the easiest way to use your phone while in your car. Practical, simple, solid and reliable! All you need in one tool

The Wrinx Mount

PRICE: $18

Ever found yourself lost while driving with your phone in your pocket or on the console?Worry no more, for the solution is here!