Still using the traditional collar + leash to walk and train your dog? There is better!

Discover Our N.1 Dog Harness

PRICE: $25

The right size, the right fit!

If you have never paid the dog harness much attention before, you are definitely missing out. Among other things, our top harness:

  • Offer more control

  • Reduces risk for neck injuries

  • Is a great training tool

  • Prevent leash pulling

  • Ideal for puppies

Adjustable, this harness distributes the force of the leash against a dog’s chest and back, which works well for small and large dogs

Do you walk more than one dog? harnesses can be extremely useful for walking many dogs at once and ensure good control over them at all times. Do you have a dog that won’t stop pulling? If you Use the harness, it will not only stop the pulling, but can eventually teach your dog to walk properly.

Oh, and while you're at it, why not do it in Style?

With our collection of colorful, comfortable and adjustable harness, we've got you covered.

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